I figure let the rules be what you want them to be...generally follow along Beer Pong..but since some have asked.. I found these have been used most often.


Player Skill Level:

Novice Start with boards 6 ft apart

Beginner Start with boards 8 ft apart

Intermediate Start with boards 10 ft apart

Advance Start with boards 12ft apart

Expert Start with boards 15 ft apart


Starting the Game 

  • Cups are arranged into the triangle shape on the board
  • Boards are set up apart based on skill level.


Game Play - Adheres to typical Beer Pong Rules

  • Bounces are allowed - 
    • no defensive swatting of the ball away on bounces
  • If playing in teams each player gets one opportunity to make a shot, if the game is played one on one, players are allotted  (2) opportunities to make a shot
  • if (2) consecutive shots are made and you get the ball back
  • 1 re-rack is given after 4 cups are made 
  • The first person or team to make all the cups is the winner or whoever has the least cups after time expires (if timing-ave time is 30 mins) is the winner. 
  • If the game is tied when time expires the game goes into a (3) cup over time with 5 minutes on the clock.  whoever has less cups wins or if the game is still tied the match ends in a draw.
    • 3 cups are placed at shooters discretion on the board but must be next to each other , and cannot use the very front single hole on the board


During Tournament Play (4 or 8 teams)

  • If any team misses the board completely 4 consecutive times a cup will be added back to the board
  • if a team makes 4 shots in a row then 1 additional cup is taken off the board
  • In the finals to determine the champion of the league, there is no such thing as a draw game. game must play until a winner is determined


Ending the Game

  • If teams are tied 1 to 1 at the end, and one team makes a shot to end the game, the opposing team has a chance to rebuttal the shot to bring the cup back.